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Reclaim your headspace.

Welcome to Therapy for Black Women

Over the struggle and ready to try therapy (again)?

Watch this quick video of our approach.

Mental Health for Black Women

We know things are sometimes for us, a little different, right?  Culturally and historically we've seen mental health issues play out and we've been taught to ignore them, dismiss them, deny them or relabel them.  We've sometimes been taught to be embarrassed or feel we don't have time to address them.  Well we're here to set the record straight, prioritize our health and reclaim our time!  We deserve mental health care that is compassionate, considerate, culturally relevant and clinically effective. 

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Anxiety for
Black Women

We see anxiety portrayed on TV and we think we know what it’s like but it can look and feel very different than expected.  Anxiety is a complex and often overwhelming emotional state characterized by feelings of unease, worry, and apprehension...


Depression for Black Women

Depression is a mental health condition characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and a loss of interest or pleasure in activities. It can affect thoughts, emotions, and behavior, leading to significant impairment...


ADHD for
Black Women

ADHD, or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neuro developmental condition that affects individuals of all ages. It is characterized by persistent patterns of inattention, impulsivity,and hyperactivity that can significantly...


 Personal Growth
for Black Women

Personal growth in therapy refers to the transformative process individuals undergo when engaging in therapeutic interventions and self-reflection. Therapy provides a supportive and confidential environment for individuals to explore their emotions...

Therapy Sessions
Therapy Sessions
Couples Therapy

Are you and your partner facing challenges in your relationship that you'd like to overcome together? At Therapy For Black Women, we understand the unique dynamics that Black couples often encounter in their journeys. Our experienced therapist specializes in providing compassionate and culturally sensitive couples counseling, tailored to the specific needs of Black couples.

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"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone though to achieve that beauty"

Dr. Maya Angelou

Common services and concerns for our clients: 

We work with clients ages 14 and up in individual therapy sessions. 

  • ADHD

  • Anxiety 

  • Boundaries

  • Breakups

  • Career/Education

  • Couples Therapy 

  • Dating

  • Depression

  • Divorce

  • Friendships

  • Communication

  • Parenting

  • Stress Management

  • And More!

Insurance/Cost Questions?

  • We are in network with CareFirst/all BlueCross BlueShield plans


  • We can help with reimbursement if you want utilize your out-of-network benefits with another insurer.


  • We accept self-paying clients (FSA included) $175 - Initial session, $150 Ongoing sessions.


We can assist you in understanding your health insurance in-network and out-of-network benefits.


Consultation (Required)

15 minutes - Free

Individual Sessions 

(14 and up)

Couples Therapy 

Self-pay only/insurance not accepted for this service

About Our Team

Jessica V. Taylor, MSW, LICSW, LCSW-C,
Owner & Clinician,Therapy For Black Women LLC

Licensed in Maryland, Virginia, and District of Columbia

Struggling with anxiety and/or ADHD, overthinking, focusing on the "wrong" things/procrastinating, feeling dysregulated, having difficulty communicating and making progress towards your goals? Need to dive deeper to get to the bottom of your behaviors and thoughts? Let's make progress towards improving in all areas and finding more fulfillment in your day to day life. Jessica Taylor is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (DC & Maryland) providing individual therapy. Jessica is a board approved social work supervisor and specializes in stress and anxiety, adult ADHD, perinatal mental health, relationship issues, life transitions, etc. and previously specialized in helping clients in the areas of trauma, crisis pregnancy, and adoption. Jessica received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI and Master of Social Work from Wayne State University, School of Social Work in Detroit, MI. Maryland License #17729 DC License LC50080792 Board Approved Social Work Supervisor (MD)

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Kamika Pope, MSW, LCSW-C
Licensed in Maryland and District of Columbia

Hello, I am Kamika. I'm a licensed Social Worker with over 13 years of providing psychotherapy/counseling to clients in need. I earned my Bachelors in Social Work and Double Minors in African American Studies & Sociology, from Frostburg State University. As well as, my Masters in Social Work from Howard University. I've worked in many different clinical settings ever since. I am a passionate and empathetic therapist with strong counseling abilities and an understanding of interpersonal familial relationships. I have experience leading clients through CBT & Talk Therapy. Through clinical experience, compassion, and empathy I support and assist those willing to make a positive difference in their lives. I pride myself in providing a safe and supportive space, to work side by side to overcome traumas, and barriers. I specialize in addressing Depression, Anxiety and Personality Disorders. I am fully committed to listen and offer my best professional practices to help you. I am Fun, Energetic, Caring and Direct. You can count on my empathetic and person-centered approach towards every conversation we take part on. Thank you for taking the first step and for allowing me to be part of this very important journey. Look forward to meeting you!

Lakeeta Wingfield, MSW, LCSW-C
 Licensed in Maryland and Pennsylvania

Lakeeta Wingfield Graduated from Clarion University in 2001 and earned a Master’s Degree from Temple University in Social Administration with a concentration in Health and Mental Health. With current licensure in the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland,Lakeeta’ s clinical experience includes psychotherapy for addictions, depression, anxiety, anger management, and adjustment to various life stressors such as life changes and transitions as well as those dealing with conflicts in professional and personal relationships. She also provides therapeutic services to couples.Lakeeta has an extensive background in Health, Human Services and employee assistance programs. Lakeeta utilizes a person centered approach to guide individuals towards living healthier more fulfilling lifestyles.


Temi Kolawole,  MSW, LCSW-C
Licensed in Maryland

As a Licensed Certified Social Worker, Clinical (LCSW-C), my passion and resilience to impact and help spark change in the lives of individual is my driving force as an individual. As a Yoruba native from Lagos, Nigeria, I have an understanding of how cultural experiences and differences have an impact on how we view the world. I believe being open, amenable, and flexible in working with diverse populations and minority groups allows for a safe and welcoming therapeutic relationship. Throughout my social work career, I have worked with diverse populations including individuals in foster care system, outpatient mental health clinics, schools, hospitals and community-based services in addition to working with at-risk population including substance use, individuals with dual diagnosis, children who have been neglected, abused and juvenile delinquency, as well as individuals in state psychiatric hospitals with acute diagnosis and legal involvement. I remain open to working with all ages. I received my Bachelor of Social Work degree (BSW) from Morgan State University, and my Master of Social Work (MSW) from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, with a clinical concentration and specialization in children and families. My therapeutic approach strongly integrates and utilize the modalities of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Solution-focused therapy and Behavioral therapy. I believe that all individuals possess the tools needed to achieve their goals however some due to barriers an individual’s tools may not be as easily accessible. I strive to create a safe space for all my clients which allows clients to flourish and be vulnerable, recognizing that a safe, judgement-free, respectful and open therapeutic relationship is important to the therapeutic process. I would love to walk with you through your journey of self-discovery. Look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Nina Joy Mena,  MD 
Licensed in Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Wisconsin,  Illinois, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Alabama.

Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatrist Dr. Mena is dedicated to helping people reach their full potential and live life to the fullest. With my expertise in Adult, Child and Adolescent psychiatry, life coaching, motivational speaking, leadership, education, running, and world travel, I provide a unique and comprehensive approach to mental health care. ​ I offer online psychiatric services as well as live coaching sessions to ensure that everyone has access to the help they need. No matter the challenge, I am here to help you reach your goals and find joy in life! --- Nina Joy Mena, MD Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatrist

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Onyinyechi Abraham, BSW, MEd

Executive Administrative Assistant

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