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Couples Counseling

Navigating Relationship Challenges Together

Healing Begins Here: Rebuilding Trust, One Step at a Time

Coupledom is a journey of togetherness, filled with its highs and lows. When the foundation of trust is shaken by infidelity or other obstacles, finding a path forward may seem daunting. At Therapy For Black Women, we specialize in guiding Black couples through these turbulent times, offering a beacon of hope and a pathway to healing and stronger bonds.

Understanding the Depth of Your Experience

We recognize the profound impact that breaches of trust and life's challenges can have on your relationship and individual well-being. These experiences can be isolating, but you're not alone. Our approach is rooted in deep understanding and respect for the unique challenges and strengths within Black communities and relationships.

Our Approach to Healing and Reconnection

  1. Safe and Supportive Space: Our online therapy sessions provide a secure and nurturing environment where both partners can express their feelings, fears, and desires openly. This is a judgment-free zone where your emotions and experiences are validated.

  2. Culturally Competent Care: Our therapists are not only experts in marital therapy but also deeply familiar with the cultural dynamics that uniquely affect Black couples. We provide culturally sensitive care that respects your heritage and personal experiences.

  3. Rebuilding Trust: We focus on the core issues that have led to the erosion of trust, employing evidence-based techniques to facilitate honest communication, forgiveness, and healing. Our goal is to help you rebuild trust brick by brick, restoring the security and intimacy of your relationship.

  4. Strengthening Your Bond: Beyond addressing the immediate crisis, our therapy aims to fortify your relationship against future challenges. We explore and strengthen the pillars of your partnership, including communication, mutual respect, and shared values.

  5. Tailored Therapy Journeys: Recognizing the uniqueness of each couple, we customize your therapy plan to suit your specific situation, needs, and goals. Your journey to healing is as unique as your relationship.

  6. Privacy and Convenience: Our online platform ensures confidentiality and ease, allowing you to engage in therapy from the privacy and comfort of your own home, at times that work best for you.

  7. Continuous Support: Healing doesn't end when the session does. We provide resources, exercises, and support to help you continue your journey of growth and healing together, even outside of therapy hours.

Begin Your Journey to Reconnection

Taking the first step towards healing and reconciliation is a testament to the strength and commitment in your relationship. If you and your partner are navigating the aftermath of infidelity or facing other trust-related challenges, we're here to support you through this journey towards healing and renewed intimacy.


Couples counseling is for self-paying clients only, as insurance companies do not cover the service.  Cost of 80 minute sessions are $250. 

Reach Out Today

Let us help you rebuild the trust and strengthen the bond that brought you together. Contact us to schedule your first session and start the journey to a more resilient and loving partnership.

Maryland couples, Book a couples consultation with Ms. Wingfield here.

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