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Newsletter of Therapy For Black Women

New Clinicians, More Openings

Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have two new clinicians, who in addition to adults, also provide therapy for couples and older teens (14+).

Couples Counseling (self-pay only)

Give yourself and your partner the gift of unbiased guidance to reach your relationship goals.  Ms. Wingfield has evening availability for adults and couples.  Learn more here and book a couples consultation.


Teens (Insurance and self-pay)

We now have a limited number of openings for teens (14 and up) for whom virtual sessions are appropriate. Ms. Koluwola has evening and weekend openings for adults and teens (14+)  Read more and book a virtual consultation.

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Ready to Turn Your ‘Oops’ into ‘Aha’ Moments?

If you’ve ever looked for your glasses while they were on your head, or laughed at the chaos just to keep from feeling overwhelmed, you're in the right place. Let’s transform those ‘oops’ moments into ‘aha’ moments together. Because at Therapy For Black Women, we believe that when focus meets fabulous, incredible things happen.


Embrace your journey with a sparkle of humor and a whole lot of heart at Therapy For Black Women. Because here, we don’t just ‘deal’ with ADHD; we dance with it.

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